Over the course of the year, we apply both slow-release and quick-release fertilizers to ensure lawn thickness, seedling growth, and root development. Balanced fertilizer applications are critical for a rich, healthy, and dark-green lawn. 


We frequently treat lawns with both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Our granular and liquid products eradicate injurious weeds and prevent them from competing with the turf. If there are ever any weeds remaining after a treatment, we are happy to treat them again at no additional charge..

Core aeration is conducted to relieve soil compaction and to allow light and air to penetrate the turf’s root zone. Aeration removes small plugs from the soil, creating a seedbed that significantly improves seed germination rates.



Throughout the year, lawns endure a tremendous amount of stress, most notably from heat and lack of water. Consequently, the grass blades become damaged and lawns degrade. Overseeding reinvigorates and thickens the lawn, improving its appearance and limiting the opportunity for weed germination.


Lime is imperative to ensure proper pH balance and nutrient absorption. We apply lime at the beginning of each calendar year to raise the lawn’s pH, creating a slightly acidic soil in ideal condition for the year’s subsequent treatments.



As soil temperatures rise, fungal diseases run rampant in Richmond lawns. To prevent and combat these outbreaks, we apply three fungicide treatments during the summer. In conjunction with adequate water

supply, these treatments keep the lawn in spring-like condition even during the extreme heat.



As soil temperatures rise, crabgrass germination is a major threat to the appearance of your lawn. To eliminate this issue, we apply successive pre-emergent treatments during the first half of the year. Fortunately, our pre-emergent also prevents many other weeds and wild grasses from germinating down the road.



When temperatures increase, grubs and other turf-damaging insects can be a major issue in fescue lawns. They cut off grass roots and leave the plants prone to stress and moisture loss, forming large brown patches in the lawn. As a preventative and curative measure, we apply a grub and insect control to avoid the issue altogether.